Dutch "researchers" examined nuts, pregnancy and asthma. Sounds like a set up for a bad joke but as usual the joke is on us.
"Pregnant women who eat nuts or nut products like peanut butter daily raise the risk their children will develop asthma by 50 percent, Dutch researchers said on Tuesday."

Thus reads the lead of a press release cum ‘news" story in the health section of MSNBC news. First of all, you effete Europeans, peanuts are not nuts at all, they are a legume. Second of all, as you grifters are well aware, 50 percent in a epidemiological study is insignificant and does not warrant any concern. Yet another exposé of yet another piece of junk science, however, is not our purpose in highlighting this "study." The sentence that grabbed our attention is this:

"The study also showed that moderate amounts did not seem to have an effect, meaning it is too soon to say whether pregnant women should give up nuts because they contain many important nutrients and healthy fats a developing fetus needs, they said."

There you have the arrogance of the behavior engineers glaringly on display. For thousands of years of recorded history and for undoubtedly hundreds of thousands of years of pre-historical human activity woman have eaten nuts while pregnant. A handful of epidemiological junk scientists operating in a decadent era have given themselves the power to eliminate nuts from millions of women’s diets. The grandiosity would be breathtaking except that the junk scientists know their place in the culture very well. They are the cogs in the control apparatus that provide the reasons to clamp down on human behavior and desires. MSNBC and the media are the pistons that keep the apparatus moving. Corporate special interests, most usually the vast, multi-national pharmaceutical corporations, provide the grease that enables the apparatus to penetrate the governments that thrive on controlling the masses.

For decades anti-tobacco charlatans linked tobacco use or tobacco smoke to asthma. Several years ago that con job reached the end of its road. A culprit is sorely needed to explain why asthma rates are rising. Will nuts or peanuts be the designated villains? Only time will tell but it is always time to say "nuts" to the nannies that believe they are endowed with the authority tell you how to live.



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