Great news for the multi-national pharmaceutical cartel! Young people are popping cholesterol drugs by the handful!

We go straight to the horse’s mouth for an assessment of Big Drugs’ marketing prowess:

"This is good news, that more people in this age range are taking these medicines," said Dr. Daniel W. Jones, president of the American Heart Association.

Considering how the American Heart Association is not only partnered with Big Drugs’ on issues ranging from the phony obesity and tobacco scares but is also a grateful recipient of the Pharma Cartel’s largess, it is a wonder any news organization gives this organization any shred of credibility. Instead, as demonstrated by this press release disguised as a news story, reporters continue to adopt a credulous subservience to the industry that pays many of big media’s bills.

Not a word on how the increase in consumption of expensive drugs by an age group that doesn’t need them was fueled by former Food and Drug Administration’s director David Kessler, a rabid anti-smoking fanatic, who lifted the prohibition on television advertising of prescription products. His fealty to the drug industry was rewarded with his appointment to high positions in prestigious medical schools from coast to coast. Currently he presides over the University of California-San Francisco, a medical enterprise notorious for its wide-spread use of junk science to enact anti-smoking policies.

Opening the spigot on drug advertising has obviously been a financial boon to the predatory drug industry as people are prodded, cajoled and enticed to hook themselves up to expensive prescription drug regimens. The phenomenon of young, healthy people flocking to the drug counter is as predicable as is the jubilation expressed by Big Drugs and its front groups.



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