Ah, the power of the pharmaceutical industry. After the heavy financing of antitobacco frauds, they’re getting their corrupt stooges in the ministries of health to arrange for tax-free sales of their products: “Ontario Health Promotion Minister Jim Watson, who announced last month the province would drop its sales tax on these products, said the federal government should do the same.”

This consideration is very revealing: “A smoker who spends about $300 over 10 weeks on nicotine replacement therapy products would save roughly $24 as a result of the dropped sales tax, Watson said.” So, after lying to the population about the effects of smoking (and its addictiveness), Watson now wants smokers to get hooked on pharmaceutical nicotine at a discount.

There is only one question left: is Watson-pharma-marionette getting a percentage from his disgusting performance, or is he just doing it for free? Please light up a cigarette while trying to solve the enigma.



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