Smoking is certainly not the only target of pharmaceutically-controlled “public health.” Prohibition of alcohol is once again a priority.
The pharmaceutical bastards and their marionettes in the ministries of “health” don’t pay off just antismoking activists. They sponsor all fircely puritanical enemies of liberty and personal choice – from behind the smokescreen of “health”, of course.

From the personal web site of David J. Hanson, PhD Professor Emeritus of Sociology, State University of New York, we can gain an idea of the magnitude of the pay-offs handed to anti-alcohol activists. Try this (from related link at bottom this page) just as a teaser: “The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has spent over a quarter of a billion (that’s billion, not million) dollars ($265,000,000.00) in just four years alone further developing and funding a nation-wide network of anti-alcohol organizations, centers, activist leaders, and opinion writers to achieve its long-term goal.”

We submit to our readers that beyond the obvious reason that financing hate-mongers and lifestyle control yields massive profits from the sales of trash such as "cessation aids" and lifestyle “therapies” of all kinds there is also an ideology at work here – an ideology that lurks in the corridors of the lavish headquarters of this industry. These sick people want to “cure” the world not only from “disease”, but also from liberty and individual self-determination – which makes them even more dangerous than their marketing departments.

If it wasn’t for Big Pharma we would have next to no anti-tobacco, anti-alcohol, anti-fat, anti-human movements. Healthism would not be anywhere near so rich as it is, and what a boon its poverty would be for humanity! We would be far healthier, really healthier, if Healthism had no money, meaning no mass-communications power, political lobbying power, legal protection of epidemiological frauds, intimidation/pay-off of scientists, and on and on. The state and its institutions would not be under the nefarious influence of the fanatics, and they would not be stimulated to construct prohibition.

If fanaticism stopped being a high-paying job the fanatics would not be able to run over all the rest of us as they do now. The mass-media – as well as the whole society – would dismiss “health” activists for what they really are: a small minority of lunatics and fanatics that only serve as a stunning example of pernicious idiocy.

The “grey eminence” behind “public health” institutions is Big Pharma – an industry that must be destroyed. We loathe the corrupt policies of America’s tobacco giants and believe they now suffer the misfortunes they created for themselves and therefore deserve. For Big Pharma, however, we reserve our greatest bounty of disgust. It is responsible for very real – and far worse – social crimes than those who never said that smoking is good for you.



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