“A tobacco-based gel designed to beat the smoking ban is sparking controversy among health campaigners. NicoFix, which can be bought online and in a handful of shops in Britain, is billed as an alternative to smoking rather than a way of giving up.”

Nothing, of course, can beat a cigarette – and, equally of course, there is no craving for nicotine but rather craving for the liberty to smoke — something that the British smoking ban will exacerbate no doubt.
But if you believe the superstition that nicotine is “highly addictive”, then this new gel will give you the illusion that the imaginary addiction is “satisfied”. But hear the reaction of the antismoking scum: "It is a negative that the makers of this product are promoting it as a way to beat the smoking ban. Sadly, there will always be alternatives to smoking which manage to beat the system."
“Happily” is the word we’d rather use, as we would reserve “sadly” for the fact that scientific fraud has become the system. Talking about scientific frauds, why is the antismoking trash so upset about this gel? Isn’t the smoking ban to “protect” non smokers from the “harmful effects” of passive smoking that do not exist? There is no passive smoke in a gel!
Here comes the REAL reason: NicoFix is NOT produced by Big Pharma! "There are far safer medicinal nicotine products such as gum or patches that don’t contain tobacco", says Elspeth Lee, Cancer Research UK’s “tobacco control” manager. “NicoFix contains the same harmful ingredients as cigarettes” she adds. Please note the use of the term “medical” for the same substance that the antismoking trash defines "addictive" and "harmful" when sold by cigarette manufacturers!
But hold on: the “harmful ingredients” are “harmful” when inhaled, and this is a gel. Ah, but you are forgetting the medieval witchcraft: didn’t you know that anything that contains tobacco “hurts” you? It is written in the holy book of the antismoking religion!
Again, it is worth repeating the exception that these veritable experts of superstition make — that is, tobacco products do not hurt only when are sold by Big Pharma, because that industry pays those prostitutes off handsomely.
That alone speaks volumes about “public health”, made of pathetic whores and fronts for pharmaceutical multinationals who lie to the public.
But, in an inverted system, crime gives them political power instead of years in prison. Don’t you think that it is high time to change that?

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