Britain’s oldest employed man, at age 101, has now taken up a new avocation. No, not playing draughts, and no, he’s not taking up knitting either. Buster Martin is in training to become the oldest-ever entrant in the London Marathon, in fact, the oldest ever in any marathon, anywhere. He says beer and cigarettes are what keep him going.
When Action on Smoking and Health hears about this, they’ll be sure to point out that Buster is not favored to win the marathon, proving once again that smokers are pathetic health specimens.

Well, we put our money on Buster to run better and faster than anyone else in the race, who was born in 1907.

ASH could tell us they know lots of teetotaling non-smokers born that year who could beat the pants off Buster but who are simply too busy the day of the marathon.

They might be, perhaps involved in weight-lifting competitions, involving granite slabs.

Nevertheless, we still like Buster, a no-nonsense type of fellow who tells the press, "I’ve said I’ll attempt it … If I finish, I’ll do what I always do and have a pint and a fag … People ask what is my secret but I haven’t got one. They say fags and booze are bad for you — but I’m still here, aren’t I?"

We hope he lives long enough to see Healthism in its grave. We hope that for you too.

Our thanks to Brad for this news link.



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