Science relies on logic and truth. Junk science just relies on junk and a willingness to pile it on. Anti is ever-willing.

Many British pubs are managing to survive the smoking ban by installing smokers’ gardens, outdoor patio seating with space heaters, to provide smokers and their friends with a modicum of comfort and dignity. Now how do you think our self-appointed guardians might feel about that? So what do you think they might do about it? Yes, dear readers, they demand the heaters be banned. This is a public health necessity!

It is now "scientifically proven," of course, the heated patios in Britain will create 282,000 tons of planet-destroying greenhouse gases, or maybe it’s 22,200 tons, no matter, shut up, it’s proven, undebatably, scientifically: if the planet is to survive, the smokers’ patios must go, absolutely and by force of law!

Now don’t ask why these heated patios, and these alone, must be banned. Don’t ask why indoor heating (for non-smokers) and also automobiles (for non-smokers) and jet planes (for non-smokers) and everything (you get it) is okay and the smokers’ gardens are not. You were already told to shut up in the previous paragraph. Anti is talking. Don’t talk back. Pass the ban.

The imprecise precision of the numbers here, reminiscent of the follies of James L. Repace, is very amusing, and the portent of planetary doom is certainly very grand, but of course the demand for the ban on one loony pretext or another was positively inevitable, as we noted in our report on the success of such smokers’ gardens in Britain months ago.

It gets mighty cold in Great Britain but the sight of freezing smokers is just a winter delight to the technocratic viewpoint. The article linked with quotes a representative of a group calling itself Friends of the Earth: "Either smokers will have to give up smoking or simply put on a jumper."

How’s that for friendly, neighbor, and how’s all of this, for crazy, and damned nasty? Anti is mad. She never stops. Just maybe you’re tired of being told to shut up. Or are you tired of getting thrown out in the cold? Then maybe you really are starting to get it, boys and girls: it’s time to wring crazy old Anti’s neck.



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