It had to come. There is a new study. Obesity causes global warming. Keep eating and you shall be to blame for planetary apocalypse.
Al Gore has suggested amidst his random ravings that wisps of smoke from cigarettes cause global warming. Has a “distinguished journal” published the “scientific proof” of this yet? If not they’ll get around to it. In the meantime the Lancet tells us to blame fat people for the planet’s imminent demise (Article link).

The UK Telegraph ponders this, quoting statistical claptrap, and also a nutritionist to this effect: “Obese people have enough issues to deal with without being demonized for their impact on the environment.”

Who should be demonized? The nutritionist continues: “The truth is all people are an environmental burden.” Yes, that’s right, there is no safe level of humanity.

Healthism is anti-human nihilism. Don’t demonize your neighbors. Do demonize the new eugenics, the science fiction journals such as the Lancet, and the activists and politicians who promote and dictate hateful cult ideology.

Academics from many fields are writing FORCES increasingly of late. We welcome this correspondence at: Restoration of scientific integrity is very sorely needed. Lend a hand.

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