The German Police Union and the head of German police speak plainly in this interview published by
The German police will not check locales where citizens are expected to defy the smoking bans. “There are more important things to do [than chasing smokers]”, said the head of the Bavarian police, who explains it is not the job of police to check whether people smoke in bars, restaurants, and the like. He states further: “And even if someone calls to report a violation, it is still not our job [to go after him]”.

Similar statement have been made by the police chiefs of Berlin and Frankfurt. Their conclusions: “This law came out too soon and it is an unfair law. We cannot send our men into the locales and sniff the air.”

German police agencies are rightly worried about the old "I was only following orders" troubles their predecessors came to suffer. Their attitudes expressed here are practically wise, and ethically wise, because they are fundamentally right. The lunatics of “public health” and those who embrace their sick ideology expect that the world works as a function of their hysteria and junk science. The bans are fascistic, and just incidentally the police have valid and important functions to attend to, like catching crooks.

Say, why don’t they arrest the crooks of “public health”, who consciously lie to the people about the “dangers” of active and passive smoking? After all, the ordinary crook cons just a few people, “public health” cons millions. The police may indeed be called upon to do just that before long. They may realise that even now. The antismoking Reich now struts and probably believes it will keep strutting for at least a thousand years, but you know, sweet justice has a way of creeping up on fascists over time.

Link to the German article below.



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