The scheme to instill hatred against smokers is a blueprint that is proving useful for all sorts of dishonest schemes.
From California, the state that pioneered hate campaigns against smokers, comes the inception of a plan to drive up antipathy toward those who drive the wrong sorts of vehicles. "Make gas guzzlers pay!" shrieks the headline from the San Francisco Chronicle in a story about an opinion survey that finds support for singling out particular drivers for higher fees and taxes. As with smoking, the rationale for punishing the minority is based upon junk science, in this case the "evidence" that mankind is heating up the planet.

Drivers of "gas guzzlers" would pay higher vehicle registration fees, a higher gas tax, and even a mileage fee. Already there have been bills in the state Legislature to enact measures that punish recalcitrant drivers and surveys such as this will bolster the argument for their passage and enactment. The fact that there is no scientific proof that mankind is responsible for climate change or that energy is becoming scarce is as irrelevant as the lack of proof that smoking or secondhand smoke causes illness. Relevancy is achieved by the hate campaigns that target segments of society for unequal treatment. Promoting anthropogenic climate change is a mechanism to pick people’s pockets and transfer their wealth to the government and the special interests that work hand in hand with the governing class.

It’s always easier to treat target groups badly when the population as a whole is taught to hate those who refuse to behave as the elite wishes. Divide and conquer is the method and it brought great results with the war on smoking. The war on gas-guzzling drivers is the latest in a nasty agenda to enforce proper behavior, as decreed by the governing elite and the special interests that work overtime promoting tyranny.



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