From layoffs to bankruptcy to suicide the plain evidence of economic havoc wrought by smoking bans on several sectors of the economy is as clear as it was intuitive to anyone with a balanced view. Anti simply lies and will continue lying about this as she does on many subjects. We present more refutation of Anti’s prohibitionist propaganda from Federal Reserve economist Michael R. Pakko. "When making decisions about adopting smoke-free laws, advocates often give policymakers a Pollyannaish outlook in which communities can achieve public health benefits with no economic consequences. In particular, the lack of statistically significant economic effects is interpreted as indicating an absence of economic costs. Recent economic research indicates that this is a far too simplistic view of the issue … economic costs often focus on specific business categories — those that smokers tend to frequent."

Smoking bans do not achieve any public health benefit but they certainly create economic ravages. Observing the obvious, instead of obscuring it as Anti does, shines a bit of light on smoking ban economic misery. Please click the link below for the full article.



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