A new talking smoke detector, embedded in the flowerbeds, that harasses patients (legally) smoking in the garden of a psychiatric institution, warns them that they have been automatically reported. That is the topic that kicks off this article.

It goes on to describe heartbreaking examples of the deterioration of traditional British civil protections that have been developed and enhanced – with much hard work, great pride and sometimes with bloodshed – to create a modern liberal democracy. Suddenly, it’s as if these protections had never existed, as if a whole generation neither knew nor cared about them. As if all the totalitarian temptations that western society has ingeniously been able to curb or control have been given a free pass to start working their black magic.

Here we find descriptions of police abuses of anti-terrorism law to attack environmental protesters, police trying to hector the media for doing its job of investigative journalism, and a zealous police chief publicly showing disdain for English common law precepts.

Great Britain is in big trouble. New Labour helped get it there, New Labour will keep it there, as will the Conservatives. There is no passionate organized political opposition to this totalitarian lean.

Police states and total surveillance societies are the enemy of every kind of freedom, including the political. They are the enemy of civility, familial and community trust, creativity, hope, and in the final analysis, even love itself. The people responsible for creating this ongoing sabotage of British society are shamelessly degrading their own children and grandchildren. It’s tragic to reflect that this is taking place within the (barely) living memory of the Second World War.



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