In a move Neville Chamberlain would have approved, hundreds of Britons submitted a petition seeking compromise on the smoking ban, from their antismoking government. The result of reasoning with fanaticism is always the same.
The petition, addressed to the prime minister, humbly requested special exemption for sealed and specially ventilated smoker pig rooms at restaurants and bars, only in places which could prove extensive economic damage from the smoking ban, only upon the discretion of antitobacco authorities, strictly according to their whim, with full deference to their admirable sadism.

The answer, of course: everybody loves smoking bans, nobody suffers from them, smoker pigs are absolutely toxic and entirely intolerable anywhere and everywhere, at all times, there can be no amelioration of their foulness, or of the disgust everybody holds for them, and nobody disagrees with. The empowered authorities represent irrefutable eugenic perfection. The prime minister was of the opinion the petitioners should go straight to Hell.

Antitobacco deserves exactly the deference eugenic technocracy has always deserved. Consultation and arbitration with antitobacco merits as much effort as Churchill made toward arranging friendly conversations with Hitler. Ask liars for their opinions when you want to hear lies. Ask eugenicists for mercy when you care to hear them laugh.

For lies and contempt of fascistic magnitude read the reply to the petition (stored version). For testimony to the inevitable and actual devastation of the UK hospitality industry since the smoking ban, for demonstration of the total fraudulence of "secondhand smoke kills" rhetoric, for illustration of the infinite overadequacy of ventilation systems when it comes to wisps of cigarette smoke (windows are more than adequate), we feel no need to provide more links here. Browse our extensive archives which utterly debunk and disgrace contemporary antitobacco. Get angry. Stop begging for mercy.

Help us now to destroy this hateful movement, and to reëstablish sane policy, social dignity, and freedom.



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