The numerology of antitobacco and “public health” is known to all. In this priceless rebuttal, a certain Pamela G. Head replies to a Ms. Cahill about her out-of-the-hat numbers concerning “mortality” from smoking.
We don’t know Pamela, but it is certainly encouraging to see that more and more citizens are becoming aware of the numerological frauds of antitobacco. There is no end to the numbers that “public health” invents every day to scare us all into submission and compliance.

A quite astonishing one is highlighted in Pamela’s response: ‘until the time the total smoking ban takes effect, "654 people will die of tobacco-related diseases every day in Wisconsin’ — exactly 654 we suppose. Please, DO laugh.

Not only are the presumed, daily 654 people totally and astronomically invented for effect as Pamela herself points out; not only can Cahill not prove that even one of the claimed “deaths” is due to smoking; not only can’t she even quantify the contribution of tobacco to those presumed deaths, but the point that “public health” and antismoking activists push — "tobacco kills" — is as essentially absurd as saying "cars kill" or "candy kills." Humans are mortal. Being human therefore kills. How we live is quite another issue.

We must believe, however, that when smoking bans appear, people “stop dying!” Here is the message: thanks to the smoking ban, the XXX people (654 a day in this case) will be "saved." People should really stop for a moment and think, instead of reasoning with emotions. Cahill is parroting a message that is all over the world now: smoking bans stop the “deaths” – instantly, right now. Forbid smoking in public places and people will just stop dying. Believe it if you will.

Even if the astronomic lies about smoking and health were true, according to the general scriptures of the antitobacco shysters, the effects of evil tobacco would continue for many years even if everybody stopped smoking instantly. The hysterics contradict themselves as often as they open their mouths.

The death rate amongst living creatures is one hundred per cent. Smoking bans have no effect on how or when anybody dies. They do not have a net effect on smoking itself. Folks who do not smoke in one place smoke in another.

In reality smoking bans serve no purposes except to provide a smoking cessation market for Big Pharma, that pays off antitobacco in the first place, and to provide childish, petty and selfish non-smokers such as Cahill with an exclusionary environment they like: to Hell with everyone else everywhere else. To that end, non-smokers like Cahill are more than willing to lie, cry, make up numbers, and stamp their feet, as Pamela points out.

How childish can one get? All the way – to the point of severe emotional retardation. Infantile non-smokers need spanking. Their Mommas failed them. We’ll have to teach them the lesson. We shall.



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