No nation has gone farther than the United Kingdom in roughing up its citizens for offences so minor they wouldn’t attract the notice of normal people. After picking up her four-year-old girl a young mother bought a sausage roll near the city center and sat down for a quick snack. When she offered a bit of the roll to her daughter some fell to the ground. Although pigeons immediately devoured the scraps two men attired in track suits accosted her and informed the single mom that they were from the council and that she would be fined for littering.

Three days later a notice duly arrived informing the woman that she owed the city of Hull 75 pounds. The letter came under the authority of the Environment Crime Unit. A Hull official assures us that the fine derives from the actions of the young mother, not from any malfeasance of the child.

Great Britain under liberal, progressive New Labour is donning the straight jacket of zero tolerance. No "offense" is too trivial to attract the notice of squadrons of busybodies ever at the alert to nab the citizenry in an act that the elite deems criminal. From smoking a cigarette to dropping crumbs on a sidewalk, nothing escapes their eagle eye.



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