Possession of cigarettes, in many prisons, is a crime these days. So is selling cigarettes to inmates of US federal prisons. We’ve heard before that lots of guards smuggle tobacco to prisoners as a lucrative sideline. Now we hear that guard David Thompson, who made $19,200 on the side in a year and a half, got nabbed as a ciggie pusher. He will in result serve four years behind bars himself. We insist that selling cigarettes anywhere is not credibly definable as crime, but given the size of his profit, Mister Thompson probably qualifies as an extortionist.

Don’t doubt that our loving Anti plans to make it a crime for you to buy, sell, or possess tobacco, anyplace, anytime. Anti wants a prison on every street corner, filled to capacity, as you’ll recall bars once were. Unless you care to share your smoke-free living room with a closed circuit TV camera, or share close quarters with the likes of David Thompson, you had better start fighting back now. Help us here at FORCES. Help us to put the Antis behind bars for what they are doing. They deserve nothing else.



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