It is indeed a David and Goliath fight; the defence of the right to smoke: the Goliath of the pharmaceutical giants and the corrupt public health authorities versus the David of truth, liberty and self-determination. Many are disheartened by the disparity of the forces in the field, and sometimes they feel like giving up, conform, adapt, surrender. They bring, as an excuse, the eternal reasons of the losers, always tempted to give up and give in: "I am busy"; "It’s too late"; "they are too big"; "the times are changing"; and so on.

But there are those who are not looking for excuses, and who hold the values of institutional integrity, truth and freedom higher than any other consideration. People like David Kawika Crowley and Jolyn Tenn, for example, who have been capable of organizing massive demonstrations against the Great Fraud on smoking and against those who cater to it and implement it.

"At the beginning of our campaign two years ago, we were the laughingstock of the Capitol. Our opposition brushed us off publicly as nothing but a handful of scofflaws. Today, the Hawaii movement has become a story in USA Today, CNN and the BBC, just to name a few. Every day across the nation, bars are joining the national resistance in ‘defiant-compliance’ against smoking bans."

The difference CAN be made. This article from the Honolulu Star Bulletin demonstrates the relentless work of these generous fighters, examples for us all, who demonstrate once again that if all the energy spent to whine and fabricate excuses were used for productive purposes – along with coordination and discipline – Goliath would be kept at bay.

And then killed.



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