Nostalgic remembrances usually hark back to better times but in this psychotic era those strolling down nostalgia’s path perversely wish for, and all too often effect, a return to times and practices that normal people remember with horror.

Such is the case in Athens Alabama where the residents will shortly go to the polls and decide whether to user alcohol prohibition back into their city. The business community is appalled while the Christians, as those whose sects are opposed to alcohol call themselves, are praying for an end to alcohol sales.
Whatever the outcome the bi-coastal elite are chuckling over the prudishness and intolerance that supposedly goes hand in hand with southerners. Oh the rubes! How far more cosmopolitan are the denizens of New York and California who would never revert to the policy that wrought such havoc during the years when Prohibition held sway from coast to coast. With the Northeast and the Pacific Coast regions themselves essentially hard core zones prohibition of smoking, however, the old adage of scratch a progressive, bleed a Nazi has never been more appropriate.



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