From the Times of West Virginia: "If passed — the bill is now in the House’s Political Subdivisions Committee — that would means [sic] that Marion’s smoking ban questionably passed last year would have to be approved by the county commission before it goes into effect. "It’s not about the end result — a ban on smoking — but about the process, Manchin said.

" ‘Right now, its [sic] badly handled, and I just think that voters have a hard time accepting that a body that is not accountable to the public, to the electorate, can impose these regulations on the county,’ Manchin said.

"The way the law is set up now, it is the sole responsibility of a county’s board of health, a committee of volunteers from the community, which has the final say on smoking bans."

One day soon the law is going to be no damn fool smoking bans. Help us make that day come soon.



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