Members and friends of the Danish smokers’ rights group Danmark’s Rygerforening (DaRy) demonstrated at the headquarters of the Danish Cancer Society on Saturday, April 5, 2008.
On April 5, 2008, a group of dedicted smokers held a demonstration outside The Danish Cancer Society Headquarters, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The theme of the demonstration was “We are not quitting.” The demonstration was organised by the Danish Smokers’ Rights Organisation, DaRy ( The Danish Cancer Society was chosen because it is a prime source of misinformation about smoking and smokers. The goal is to induce the members of The Danish Cancer Society to stop the hate campaigns against smokers.

If the Danish Cancer Society does not get off the backs of smokers, DaRy will proceed to demonstrate directly against the Danish Cancer Society. This demonstration was a first warning. The demonstration breaks new ground. Nobody has ever dared to demonstrate against an almighty Cancer Society. It is time for smokers to take action against their oppressors. DaRy hopes to inspire other smokers’ rights groups into taking similar actions.

Please click the link below for a short video taken at the scene.



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