Yes, it has happened again, another smoker has died thanks to a smoking ban. They found the body frozen in the snow five days later.

He went out of the hospital to smoke a cigarette, since the Canadian health bastards absolutely, positively forbid smoking rooms in hospitals. Reasonable accommodation? Merely shelter? Are we crazy? None of that for smokers! Hospitals are health institutions, holy temples of the sacred antismoking doctrine and religion. Smokers can go die outside. If they die their antismoking tormentors are not a wee bit responsible: the anointed ones have the passive smoking fraud in one hand, the guns of the police in the other, and overriding ideology to drive it all.

This is yet another addition to the already long list of those who have been killed – genuinely, not statistically – by antitobacco. Let us keep the record, because it may be hard to believe right now, but one fine day these arrogant and vicious criminals are going to pay for each and every crime they have committed against smokers. Justice cannot forever sleep and those who shall awaken it grow louder every day.

Cliek here to read about yet another antismoking-related death. No virtual deaths and questionnaires: just the undertaker.



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