"Hundreds of Environmental Protection Agency scientists say they have been pressured by superiors to skew their findings, according to a survey released Wednesday by an advocacy group."
Amongst the all-time lows in lifestyle epidemiology eugenics was the 1992 US Environmental Protection Agency report, spearheaded by Action on Smoking and Health activist James L. Repace, which declared environmental tobacco smoke a carcinogen. The very scientists who were permitted to work on that report (permission was selective to the end of excluding critics of the fanatical hypothesis) themselves became critics of the ludicrous report, but were overruled by antitobacco activists in charge, who ultimately humiliated all involved in the project by releasing the transparently fraudulent report as ostensible support for the smoker pogrom. Antitobacco knows no shame. Activists to this day will cite EPA 1992 as proof of their crazy scares. They rely on popular ignorance of the report’s thorough discreditation. They often get away with that.

Followers of junk science and the political manipulations of the "health, safety, and environment" cult, which is deeply entrenched not only in the leadership of EPA, but in most worldwide regulatory agencies, will find it no surprise that scientists in a poll have expressed profound anxiety at unremitting political pressure to subvert science in the interest of "politically correct" policy. They have tried to reason, they have protested, they have walked out on their jobs rather than remain parties to rampant fraud, all to no effect, as the fraud just keeps growing. Read this article detailing their responses with all the disgust it deserves.

We must note a particular irony. None other than Congressman Henry Waxman (stored link) of California, who decorates every room of his home with a smoker-skin lampshade, expresses shock at the EPA’s "pattern of ignoring and manipulating science," and demands an investigation. If the investigation reaches as far as himself, and his obtuse credulity in legislating junk-science-based hate for decades, we trust he will propose a new and just law requiring his own hanging. More likely, however, as the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee he’ll use his influence there and elsewhere to whitewash the EPA and all its hateful collaborators. The cultists are everywhere in government. The people are going to have to take a strong hand in rooting them out.



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