Every fisherman can tell you that, when a bait works and it catches a lot of fish, you don’t change it and you keep on casting. In short, you don’t change what works.

The public health con artists all over the world have caught a lot of smoking fish for themselves and for their partners in the pharmaceutical industry by casting into the world’s waters the big bate of cancer.

Now the same happens for catching a lot of drinking fish. Smoking causes cancer, alcohol causes cancer. Do you want to avoid cancer? Stop smoking, use Big Pharma. Do you want to avoid cancer? Stop drinking. We are certain that, after the propaedeutic "cure" now in the works, Big Pharma will come into the picture once again.

Can public health demonstrate scientifically that one cancer has been caused by drinking? Certainly – in the same way that it can prove that one cancer has been caused by smoking; with its preferred con tool, multifactorial epidemiology. Once again they will claim the death of millions without demonstrating the cancer of one – again: without scientifically demonstrating the causality of the cancer of one. It is like saying that those who claim to be millionaires, yet don’t seem to have a penny in the bank, are rich and deserving of honour and respect.

As long as there are fools who believe health authorities and their barrage of lies (and keep on listening), they will be conditioned and transformed into what Big Pharma wants them to be. If you don’t want to be a fool (and a fish), light that cigarette and pour that pint: it is more than just getting deserved pleasure. It is telling them – and especially yourself – that you are free and strong, and that you have not caved in to fear and low self-esteem. That you believe in yourself more than you believe in them. That the multi-headed monster of public health has not gobbled you up yet, and your freedom comes before any other consideration.

That is what separates the whale from the fish.

That is what separates the strong from the fool.



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