This is the message the British public should give to the healthist trash that runs their country, and that uses trash science to justify going back on a social contract.

It is high time that this issue of public health garbage comes to a political head. It is now obvious that blackmail is the next approach of the criminals who run the National Health System in the UK. And let it be clear that assigning the definition of “criminals” here is not rhetorical, but intended in all its grammatical and moral implications.

How else do you define people who:

Knowingly distribute false information on guessed causality of diseases, and use them to fabricate social costs?
Knowingly attribute to smoking and other lifestyles causalities that cannot be proven scientifically in any way, shape or form other than with non-scientific epidemiological trash?
Knowingly and unilaterally blame the contributing citizens for the failure of a social system that has been mismanaged by them and by previous administrations?
Unilaterally redefine fundamental social contracts such as the NHS without popular consultation, at the behest of a medico-bureaucratic class beholden to pharmaceutical lobbyists, and without ever questioning the scientific accountability of their claims?
Arrogantly threaten a vast majority of the population (constituting drinkers, smokers and fat people), while the fascist bastards intentionally forget that they take orders from the people and must obey the people (again, the very same people who drink, eat and smoke), and NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND?

We call them criminals, and we believe that they have to be treated as such, thus removed from public office so that institutions get cleaned up. Any dialogue or negotiation with them is a waste of time – “the debate is over” – as they don’t believe in debates in the first place – they never have. It’s time to act accordingly and with whatever means become necessary. It is that simple. Their victims are millions. They are just a few. What are we waiting for?

Let’s face it: their socialist health care system model blew it and now they want their victims to pay for that. There is a simple and (for now) peaceful way to send a clear and unequivocal message: demand the tax payments back and stop making them. There are plenty of private ways to pay for hospitals and doctors, and if the current insurance companies side against freedom of choice and with the healthist trash for political “correctness”, there are plenty of ways to create a market for new ones.

The "debate is over", and their victims’ whining and barking must turn into action, enough words already. We will not stop smoking, drinking or eating what we please, when we please, how we please. Put that through your sick heads, you arrogant bastards – and take your new and unilateral "NHS Constitution" and put it where the sun don’t shine. The intended function of the NHS – or that of any other health care system – was never to dictate lifestyles: it was (and it must be) intended unconditionally to treat the paying contributors regardless of the causality junk science attributions. The responsibility of the citizens is fulfilled with their monetary contributions already: NO FURTHER RESPONSIBILITY CAN BE DEMANDED OR IMPOSED.

The health Nazis now want unilaterally to redefine the function of health care systems in the same way they redefined their epidemiological attribution trash statistics as "science" to justify their criminal plans of social engineering. They want to transform health care systems into state blackmail systems, while forcibly extracting payments from the pockets of all and redistribute them to a "health elite" according to their sick ideology and computer-generated models.

To Hell with them, it is NOT going to be that way. One thing is certain: if they are not stopped, they will push us as far as we let them – up to total control of your smallest actions. Understand this: they will not be stopped with petitions. They may only be stopped by massive demonstrations in the streets, organized withholding of payments, and every other appropriate form of civil disobedience. As they have decided to be deaf, then very energetic sign language is to be used, without fear.

If they are so concerned about costs, what are they doing about the absurd costs of drugs produced by Big Pharma, for example, which instigates these insane policies? Why don’t they do to Big Pharma what they have done to Big Tobacco? Why do they allow such waste in the public management? Let it be clear that, for a population of 60 million people the NHS employs a whopping 1.3 million people and is the third largest employer in the world after the Chinese army and the Indian Railroads! In the EU, Italy has the identical population of the UK and, although plagued with a growing health bureaucracy, its health care system still employs less than half the number employed by the NHS while being in a far better financial shape and delivering one of the best services in the world. It does not take a genius to figure that if that country would reduce its health bureaucracy to half it would do better by far.

If the healthist, dishonest and incompetent British government is looking for scapegoats to deflect the public wrath on its political disasters, well, it’s not going to be us. We won’t take that kind of ideological trash from the political right either.

Politicians better grow wiser and saner, or they will inevitably face serious consequences – and that is not a threat but a simple, logical conclusion. Jumping off the "public health" bandwagon would be a first and very sensible step to take.



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