The distinguished French pulmonologist and professor of medicine Philippe Even explains to an interviewer, “It is 20 years that we are bombarded with chilling news concerning the dangerousness of passive smoking. The dangerousness of passive smoking is a fraud and a lie. There is no death that can be linked to passive smoking.”
He continues: "When politicians lose control of what they say – and lose the ability to listen – the only thing they have left is to impose prohibitions against their citizens.

"The passive smoking propaganda is a weapon, invented do make the smokers feel guilty and to instigate the rest of the population against them.

"As we can see, the prohibition of smoking has been applied everywhere; the communication specialists have been efficient. No study says or even leads to data that can demonstrate that passive smoking is harmful to health.

"So far over 100 studies have been conducted that show a risk by the non-smokers to get sick with cancer that goes from 10 to 20 percent (the researchers are not even sure themselves). They will say that it is not zero; but it is almost zero. We know that for a smoker that risk can be 10, 20 or 80 times greater. If we consider the world we live in, with fine particles from cars and everything else, that risk is nothing.

"I agree that smoking may be forbidden where there is no other possibility for the non-smokers; but to forbid smoking where people meet (such as in restaurants), where people socialize and exchange opinions, that is not admissible. Nobody tells or obligates non-smokers to enter or to stick around places where there is smoking if they don’t like the smell of smoking, or they believe that they are going to be hurt. All it takes is a sign on the door that says “smoking”. That is the logical thing to do, as it is logical that the smoking ban is ridiculous.

"How can the state impose a ban and tolerate the sales of tobacco, given that it pockets billions of Euros? … I have nothing to say against appropriate regulation; but to see smokers assaulted in their social and private lives, it makes no sense.

"The less bars and pubs are around, the less animation there will be in the cities – the people being locked in their cages as if they were rabbits and forced to smoke in front to the TV. Perhaps the politicians will be able to control the population better … the politicians seem to want that their image stays (perhaps!) clean, and health policies have become their weapons.

"The thought that tobacco consumption is halved or totally forbidden is intellectually intolerable, especially because it is due to a lie on passive smoking. Having said that, I can comfortably tell the society in which we live that the entire issue is overstated and goes beyond the competence of the State.

"What I am saying in this interview, I know, is a scream in the desert that no one will listen to."


Let us say, Doctor, we are very pleased to tell you that you are wrong: we are listening: we are listening very carefully, millions of us. Yes we know about the fraud – and more and more people know every day. We know about the professional crooks of the ministries of “health," we know about the gangsters of the WHO, and we also know about the rest of the screaming antismoking bastards, lying through their teeth every time they move their lips. We are working hard to get organized and assert our rights, and to punish the Healthist crooks, because they richly deserve it.

We have an answer to some of your questions. The health bastards are consciously doing to us what has been done to any persecuted group: they want to disintegrate us socially – hence the smoking bans, the instigations against us, the hatred propagated in the media, and the frauds printed on cigarette packages. They figure that once smokers are disintegrated as a cultural group, they will be easy to suppress as individuals.

They make the classic mistake of every tyrant. The more we are persecuted, the more we get together, the more we get organized – the more we grow stronger. Pro-choice groups all over the world are beginning to understand the need for unification, and for creating a united army of liberty to fight and defeat the health bastards and their dangerous neo-Nazi ideology – politically, economically, socially, and with any means available. As we gain strength we will use all those means.

We shall disintegrate THEM — into thousands of jail cells in every country. Those who promote health fraud will suffer as they deserve. As hard as it may be to believe now (about as hard as it was to believe smoking bans just 20 years ago), a time will come when any association with the current “public health” institutions and antitobacco will be looked at with contempt and anger, and any Healthist ideology will be spat on in the same way the Nazi ideology, the father of Healthism, has been spat on after its destruction. We are going to take back what is ours.

Keep on talking, Professor Even – and we’ll keep on listening, every day greater in numbers, and in determination. The video interview, in French, is accessible via the link below.

Lecteurs français: Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter nos secondaire presentation <<Multimedia>> en français. L’éminent pneumologue Philippe Even expose la fraude du tabagisme passif. Cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous pour la vidéo en français.



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