Frankly, only imbeciles can believe that hiding cigarettes under tobacconists’ counters can “prevent” people old and young from buying cigarettes. John Luik and Patrick Basham expound eloquently at the linked article.

Starkly, imbecility is what tobacco control and contemporary “public health” are all about: our Healthist controllers are imbeciles with a lot of money who – unfortunately for us all – have managed to get to the public purse. They have all the wiles and all the the brains of reptiles.

Hiding cigarettes has obtained nothing wherever this childishly conceived approach has been used already – such as in Canada, perennial champion of health Fascism and institutional corruption. Click here to read artcile on the uselessness of hiding cigarette packs in Canada (stored copy). Why do the dopes keep insisting on it, then? The answer is easy: any and all empirical proof that can demonstrate that prohibition does not work because people WANT to smoke and CHOOSE to disregard the obstacles that the bastards put on their acquisition of cigarettes must be IGNORED – no matter how obvious and glaring.

For the imbecile who has embraced antismoking ideology all that matters is the achievement of the goals set by the ideology — and the results themselves, when failure is demonstrated, are irrelevant and must be ignored: on with the holy crusade!…

Asking ourselves questions based on common sense is rhetorical indeed: logic never meshes with stupidity and ideology and it never will. Let’s just work hard to destroy tobacco control and be done with it and with its dishonesty and stupidity.



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