In French, English translation. This formidable interview with Professor Robert Molimard, professor emeritus of physiology and coordinator of the DIU of Tabacologie to the Faculty of Medicine Paris-South, is a must-see, must-read.

Molimard is the founder of the "first French learned society on the tobacco and the nicotinism", inventor of the word tobacology. He is the author of “Smokes” and the “Small handbook of Défume”.

This interview in French exposes a lot of the rot at the basis of the antismoking movement – the interests, the ideology, the dangerous social slope that such ideology represents as it kills freedoms and cultures, establishes hatred and legitimizes institutional corruption.

Almost every week now some new authoritative voice defying Healthist ideology speaks up, in a trend initiated by Michael Siegel a couple of years ago. Robert Molimard is what many would define as an “anti”. He believes that active smoking causes cancer. He believes that smoking is an addiction to a legal substance; however he believes that passive smoking is an epidemiological fraud. He also says:

‘Presently in Europe, general smoking bans are being instituted for the sole purpose of financial profits. And I believe that we have bypassed cultural traditions and we are being imposed an American style, Manichaean dogma, in the name of profit.

‘We can easily imagine an owner of a restaurant deciding that ‘’in my establishment, there is no smoking … or decide that ‘’there is smoking’’ … Accommodations are possible.

‘But as it stands, we are dealing with a fascistic intrusion. Everyone knows it, we see it. The same applies to noise. It’s the same thing. We could demand that patrons maintain a monastic silence in restaurants! The American state of mind is truly Manichaean, truly dualistic. It’s good versus bad, be it tobacco smoke or be it alcohol.

‘These prohibitionist tendencies are making their way a little at a time into our culture and let’s not forget the religious aspects with the proverbial American evangelists. This whole philosophy of good versus bad goes back to 300 or 400 AD. It’s the religion of Manes, it’s Manichaean. Beware the demon! We must vanquish the demon! As you know, however, there are many shades of grey in our existence.

‘Behind it all, there is evidently financial gain. Because the connection is perfectly clear, the conference that was held in Luxembourg will impose this prohibitionist vision on all of Europe, including France. In my opinion, there is big money behind all of this.’

We are grateful to Iro Cyr of C.A.G.E. Canada for providing the translation of the interview in English, Corporate Shenanigans (for stored version click here.) Further information on the interview can be found at the French website Liberté Égalité Fraternité, that originally posted the interview. The same interview is also available on our Multimedia system (for which click "Original Article" link at bottom this page.)

Some of the things you will read will not surprise you, some indeed will, others will leave you in total disgust. But none will leave you indifferent!




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