Remember when New York City was tough, exciting, brassy and self-confident? No? Don’t feel bad, neither do New Yorkers.
Instead of toughness and self-confidence the city gets the vapors over wisps of smoke, sexual attraction and hearty meals. Its population has been reduced to quivering children whose nerves must be soothed by an omniscient parent that gently, but firmly, directs the behavior of its confused offspring onto the paths of orthodoxy and conformity.

The public transit system provides the captive audience that Big Daddy conditions with constant messages of how to behave, how to live and how to stay healthy. From messages about on board sexual harassment and lies connecting asthma to tobacco smoke, Public Health and the transit district leave no stone uncovered.

The latest campaign exorts passengers to evaluate each morsel that enters their mouths. Guilt is frankly promoted as a legitimate method to get people to reduce their consumption of items that are on the hit list of foods beyond the pale for obedient citizens. The hectoring messages surround the commuter who deep down wishes the city would spend its dollars more wisely and frankly mind its own business regarding personal choices and lawful behaviors. Public Health, as it does in too many locations, runs New York City. The mayor slavishly jumps on board any campaign Public Health launches. Tax dollars pour into Public Health, which runs campaigns that specifically attacks business that in turn pump more tax dollars into the city that runs campaigns against business. It’s a corrupt system that will eventually collapse. Until that happy day commuters can only laugh, disdain and ultimately ignore the healthist propaganda that surrounds them ever more blatantly



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