We link to a long article, worth reading, for the insight it provides on just how rotten "Public Health" really is. The article deals with treatments of several forms of cancer including prostate cancer. What would "Public Health" do with a drug that really beats cancer? The answer is simple: kill it.

The cancer industry does not want a cure. It prefers "attributions of causality," usually smoking, or whatever else lures epidemiological finger-pointing from time to time. The cancer industry and the anti-smoking industry are very close siblings. Often and in many cases they are the same animal. They are also supported by – and are the life support of – the pharmaceutical multinationals, who generously finance smoking ban initiatives and the passive smoking fraud, to get smokers to quit with the smoking cessation trash that they produce.

Now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – to which the production of cigarettes may be entrusted to "protect the health" of the public from diseases of undemonstrated causality – is denying the administration of Provenge – which, in clinical trials, has been demonstrated to arrest prostate cancer – in order to protect the interests of the multinationals that produce a deadly alternative therapy called Taxotere. There is a lot of talk these days about the skyrocketing costs of medical care and a great effort to blame the lifestyles of the sick. "Public Health" campaigns for blaming victims. "Public Health" in fact is much to blame.

Have you ever heard the anti-smoking swine discuss the disgusting profits of the pharmaceutical multinationals that pay them off? Certainly not and the reason is clear. With the Taxotere situation we have an example of lucrative exploitation of the dying. We are told: "As far as profits per dose, in the February 7, 2007, article, ‘What Does It Cost to Have Cancer?’, a patient who received the chemo drug for breast cancer in 2006 reported that ‘each infusion of Taxotere cost over $16,000.’" That covers drug cost alone with office visits costing extra.

Is it the tobacco industry that produces "costs to society," or are we being robbed by the pharmaceutical industry which rules the criminals of "Public Health," puppets in the ministries of health, mass-media, and in the state bureaucracy? Never mind Big Tobacco. The Big Crooks are at Big Pharma.

The Provenge saga is stomach-turning. How was Provenge forbidden? By diktat of two "expert oncologists," Doctor Scher and Doctor Hussain. We read: "According to the lawsuit, defendant Dr Scher, Chief Genitourinary Oncology Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, is a scientific advisor and lead trial investigator for a competitor of Dendreon called Novacea. Under faculty disclosures at the University of Michigan, Dr Hussain is listed as an advisory board member of Novacea, and she receives research funding from Sanofi."

Intrigued? Read the rest – and remember: all this derives from "Public Health" and the "health authorities" that tell you that "smoking kills," that you should quit, and join the crowd in hating smokers. They also tell you that the smell of tobacco kills people. Do you believe them, feeling guilty, because you enjoy life? Stop listening to frantic fools.

Don’t follow advice to stop living to stay alive. Follow your own mind and beware the fools and rogues of "Public Health." The profit-minded cancer industry is quite capable of killing you off and shrugging at just another "tobacco-attributable" death.



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