An Illinois man we have been covering faces arrest and a huge fine if he goes ahead with a protest against the state smoking ban.
Jon (apparently misspelt as "John" in article linked with) Hemminghaus, a non-smoker, is so angry at the state law that prohibits smoking on private property that he lodged a complaint with the smoke police against his own business. He forcefully announced that smoking will be permitted in his business and has announced that a "smoke-in" will be held on the premises March 1 at noon. His motto: "My place, my choice, smoking allowed"

"This country was founded on civil disobedience," Hemminghaus said. "It has gotten to where, now, people are afraid to get into trouble. It kind of makes me mad that everybody has turned into cowards."

Trouble may indeed befall this brave man. The county attorney threatens that Hemminghaus would be taken into custody and fined for $2,500 if he goes ahead with his protest. Hemminghaus has invited the public at large to show up for the "smoke-in." Support appears strong amongst both smokers and non-smokers in his area. The public appreciates his effort to call attention to the grievous wrong the smoking ban inflicts upon tax-paying, law abiding business people, and to the cause of freedom for all. In an era where moral cowardice is the norm, Hemminghaus is a hero of moral clarity and bravery.



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