Jon Hemminghaus is going to proceed with his "smoke-in" on March first. The state attorney has stated that he will not confront the situation.
Actions of this sort are vitally necessary and are being planned elsewhere as well. For a late news story on Jon Hemminghaus click here (stored). For video click here. Jon states that many local supporters will be joining him on Saturday. FORCES is also sending a delegation to include Maryetta Ables, Jim Blogg, Lynda Farley, and O’Dessa Geary.

Enforcement is being sidestepped here. That is a victory. In other cases the jackboot will be used. That also advances our cause in bringing to public attention the fascistic nature of Healthism. Smoking bans are not justified. They are senseless tyranny. More and more people are seeing this. Forceful resistance is growing and shall continue to grow.



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