The Smoker is going to race for freedom. This is not a play on words, but an actual fact. A British racing team is endorsing our sister organization Freedom To Choose.

Ginetta Cars have been building road and race cars since 1958 – the Yorkshire company celebrates its half-century this year. When it started, freedom was abundant, the government minded its own business, and everyone with half a brain was a smoker.

Things have changed insofar as the collective brain is getting smaller and smaller along with the number of smokers. But at Ginetta it is still a race for liberty and choice. At Ginetta people know what risk is, and the rewards that come from it. Risk is, in fact, what makes the race exciting for both the racers and the public. If the zero tolerance/zero intelligence/zero risk mentality were to prevail, there would be no car racing, most sports would be illegal and almost any human activity would be dangerous. For that reason, in fact, governments all over the world have gone into the risky business of regulating and forbidding every little aspect of our lives. Governments have taken on the paternalistic function of pedagogues and teachers, with the expectation of “educating” those who paid them about the “right” way to do things – without anybody ever giving them that mandate. They have it in reverse, as governments must do what people want, not the other way around.

But there are those who simply don’t conform – because they don’t care about zero risk and zero tolerance. Those people don’t want to persuade anyone about their way of life, but don’t want others to persuade them, either. Especially, they don’t want laws that erase choices. Laws based on fraud and laws that enforce morality and values through statistics, the methods of cowards who don’t even have the gall to say that they want prohibition.

Ginetta cars are a statement on wheels. They will race for glory – and for liberty. God speed to them.



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