Confession time! We goofed recently in making a brief but rather churlish comment about The Telegraph. In our defence, we can only say that everyone was in an uncommonly bad mood over the dawn of the British smoking ban.

We are grateful to a British reader who has written in to set us straight, reminding us of the stance taken by The Telegraph against the passive smoke fraud, over-hyped global warming nonsense and prohibition in general. We stand corrected – and remind our readership to write in with comments about our coverage. We rely on you to help keep our discourse lively, accurate, and in touch with YOUR concerns! Here is the letter we received:

I think the comment posted on the 9th, which linked to Christopher Booker’s piece in the Daily Telegraph, came to an unfair conclusion when you said "The UK Telegraph should have informed us of this monumental lie a long time ago".
The Telegraph has been the one newspaper in the UK that has consistently spoken out against smoking bans for many years now. They have opposed all of the UK Bans as well as the Irish ban. They disliked the New York’s ban and have published many, many articles against anti-smoking activities – regularly citing the lack of scientific evidence in the passive smoke fraud.
At FORCES you surely remember that they were the first (and only?) newspaper (in the Sunday version) to publish the findings of the infamous 1998 WHO study, which led ASH UK to file a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission, only to lose. See here and here.
They also gave Enstrom & Kabat the best coverage in any UK newspaper at the time.
Christopher Booker is a veteran campaigner against scientific fraud – both the passive smoke and the anthropological global warming scams are favourite topics of his. His column only appears once a week – and the one you linked to was actually in the print edition of the Sunday Telegraph of July 1st!
As a long-time Telegraph reader I can assure you that this is one paper that has resisted the temptation to dine in the trough of political correctness, wherein lie the rest of the media. It is sadly true that there is huge mass-media bias in favour of the fraud, but the Telegraph has always been there for us. Even today it has this to say: We’re becoming a nation of sign writers!
— Brian Bond, UK



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