Just read this hate letter to the Edmonton Journal of Canada to get the idea of what Healthism, and journalistic fawning on this hateful ideology, are all about. The title says it all: “Smokers done. Let’s go after the obese”.
“I think we should treat them the same as smokers – with public shaming and humiliation to force them to get help for their addiction”, writes this sociopath – and she gets promptly published by the coöperative press.

We believe that Healthism has revealed its colours fully, although at the formal academic and institutional levels, it is still generally presented with euphemism. For instance, "education" and "de-normalization" might substitute for the plain language of this letter.

We might assume that the writer, Renate van Dorsser of Edmonton, is a person of low education. She might be a scholar though. Healthism, and its concomitant viciousness, are de rigueur in academe today. The language gets toned down for official pronouncements but the plain sentiments are freely expressed in quarters. Renate could well be a journalism major. She tells it like it is. The Edmonton Journal grins and prints.

What a debased society we have become. Healthism is rot. Let us now speak plainly about that. Renate van Dorsser is contemptible. The Edmonton Journal is nauseating. Healthist hate has no place in civilised discourse, and media which disseminate such, are no place for reasoned rebuttal.

It is time to do what must be done. Pay the Healthists back in kind. Humiliate them, insult them, harass them. Join in the growing organisation of resistance. Massive and forceful defiance and subversion can break the back of institutionalised hate.

The smokers are not done and decent people of all shapes and sizes are not going to be abused any longer. We are going to dethrone the Healthist tyrants. What was ours will be ours again. We are going to make the bastards pay.

Read the letter, feel the rage, but most importantly, turn it into action. Healthism is very unhealthy. Healthism is sick ideology. Healthists are sadists. Never submit, act on your rage, and take them down. When they are destroyed, free and respectful society will heal, and come to thrive again.

Click here for an interesting profile of Healthism as a political ideology in Wikipedia.



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