There are times when you think that you have seen it all, and that there is nothing that will surprise you anymore. But you are wrong – all the time, especially when it comes to the fantasy of the antismoking junk scientists.

Kids, don’t feel bad about your school marks. You are not jack-asses and you are not lazy-asses either. And don’t feel bad about your self-esteem: studies clearly suggest that low self esteem is bad for your health. That is the reason why, for years now, the educational standards have been steadily lowered so that you get good marks no matter what your level of ignorance is: health first of all.

If, in spite of all those efforts, you manage to get bad marks and fail the tests, still don’t worry – as, once again, you are not at fault.

You have simply been exposed to passive smoking.

“Teens exposed to secondhand smoke at home are at increased risk of test failure in school, suggests a new study in the Journal of Adolescent Health.”

“’Our retrospective study [read: questionnaires on un-measurable memories of exposures] suggests that in adolescents, secondhand smoke exposure could interfere with academic test performance,’ said lead author Bradley Collins, Ph.D., assistant professor of public health and director of the Health Behavior Research Clinic at Temple University.”

So, there you have it: a Ph.D assistant professor, “public health” and a university – it is science!

“These study results bolster growing evidence of academic-related secondhand smoke consequences beyond the known health consequences, and should further encourage efforts to reduce this environmental threat, the researchers stated.”

In fact there is no evidence at all against passive smoking, while the results of this “study” are, of course, politicized trash science based on fraudulent methodology that rests on more scientific fraud, all to the purpose of bolstering the social denormalization of smokers.

To blatantly use the effects of a failed educational system to further a discriminatory social agenda while using deceitful junk science should be criminal. But nowadays all it takes is a Ph.D, a university, a grant and badmouthing of smoking to have unconditional licence to openly con the public, and even get away with it while cashing lots of big checks.

That is what happens when fraud becomes an institution.



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