At the last Round Table of the year, host Gian Turci becomes more cynical and provoking than usual by harshly criticizing the movement that opposes smoking bans and prohibition. Correspondents Patricia Glass from Alabama, Michelle Gervais from Canada, Elio Gagliano from Italy, and Jim Blogg from Illinois respond.

The host’s intention is to give to listeners and to his guests – all dedicated fighters against prohibition and hate campaigns – a reality check and a “cold shower”, if you will, about the actual effectiveness and public exposure of the movement, and about potential points of incoherence or demonstrably incorrect assumptions to which our side may fall prey in argument against our ever-fanatical opposition.

Is the rebellion against “public health’s” abuses a reality or an illusion? Clearly, all the faith in the system, its institutions, its integrity and its redemption by those who thought that one day “justice will triumph, truth will prevail, and freedom will come back” has vanished along with human rights and social coexistence, overwhelmed by the wave of “denormalization” of a variety of lifestyles that is and will continuously be promoted by the criminal tandem pharmaceutical industry – public health institutions.

Many people got what they wanted, once again: somebody to hate. To the naïve question of those who have not learned from history, “how far will they go?”, there is only one possible, historical answer: “All the way – until a sufficient force arises to destroy them”.

Is there any hope? In spite of Gian’s cynicism, it seems so: contrary to the propaganda, people are slowly getting fed up, for, inevitably, the Healthist ideology oppresses more and more of them over time. There is always a tipping point, as Michelle points out; how far that point is no one knows yet, but one thing is certain: it will become much closer if unification of the hundreds and perhaps thousands of small groups that fight this war for personal freedom takes place – and the clues are everywhere.

It is never too late to make the bastards pay – and they will, eventually.



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