Published in The Huntsville Times. The response of Pat Glass to John Ehinger’s article "The Turning of the Tide", which was published under "Your Views", in the Huntsville Times, February 5th, 2009.

Ehinger’s piece is the usual "the tides are turning, thus accept the New World Antismoking Order" type of piece, where the implication is, as usual, that we have to accept that, since they have become the standard of today, fraud, prevarication and suffocation of our values and way of life must be accepted. In other words, we have to either become non smokers (preferred solution to fit the Neo-Nazi world), or at least quietly accept our "social condition" of "niggers of the 21st century".

Dead wrong — and over your rotten dead body.

Glasses’ piece is entitled "Attack on Rights". Link at the bottom of the page. Another editorial, published in the Times, today, is entitled "Bans Not Needed", authored by Roger Swafford.

Link to Swafford’s original article || Link to stored copy



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