Red alert to all ships! Red alert to all ships! Stay at least 12 miles away from the Nazi coast to avoid ideological tainting and contamination!

The British have come up with another bright idea to state loud and clear that they have fully shifted to neo-Nazi ideology in the name of health.

“Ships travelling in British waters face a complete smoking ban next year. The Department for Transport is considering banning smoking inside vessels within 12 miles (19km) of the British coast. The move would mean that smokers could light up for only 17 of the 29 miles between Dover and Calais. … The rules will apply to all ships, whatever the flag.” Just consider the arrogance of this last statement.

“A spokesman said: ‘We do not believe we will lose passengers. We hope that becoming smoke free will [create] a more pleasant environment.’ “ Please note how smokers are not considered at all. The "pleasant" environment may be for non smokers but certainly not for smokers — and smokers are supposed to enjoy it! – but then again, smokers have no right because they do not yet use physical force to make themselves respected. Anyway, keep on dreaming, idiot: Carnival Cruise was forced to restore respect for smokers to avoid bankruptcy. Smokers must do to British sips what they have done to British pubs.

Who wants to approach Britain these days, anyway? Breathing the smoke-free air of that nation and listening to the endless propaganda by public health while being watched by omnipresent cameras make you feel soiled with the ideological filth of Nazism. No, thanks!

No offence intended for British freedom fighters who know well in what bottomless pit their nation has fallen, but clearly the UK has decided to overtake its former German competitors, as not even in Nazi Germany there was such rule for Jews and Gypsies – or smokers.



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