We are pleased to present three videos on thought control in American universities. A common statement is that universities represent "the marketplace of ideas." Perhaps that was so at some times in the past. Not today.

Today’s universities actively resist intellectual nonconformity, they stifle creativity, and despise originality. They see imposition of predetermined thought as their mission. Indeed, a mechanism exists to filter out "undesirable elements" from both enrollment and faculty. University administrations wish to believe, and to protect the impression, that everyone who "matters" is part of the "consensus," on what, and what not, to believe.

Naturally this applies to the smoking issue but it applies to innumerable subjects as well. In universities, those who dare object to any iota of the antismoking fraud, or to any "politically correct" view, are persecuted, intimidated, and silenced. On personal lifestyle issues in particular, of course, the verdict of the social engineers has been handed down, it is infallible, it cannot be challenged. The path of progress shall be smoke-free, alcohol-free, fat-free, with no deviation, no second-guessing. The penalty for criticism is ostracism.

The aim is to kill independent and critical thinking in the new generations. "The children" (babes, college students, and for that matter all of us in the eyes of the engineers) must accept the engineered values and truths from the great Ivory Tower. Look to the Tower, to its pinnacle on high, but no higher, never further, and by no means ever dare look at the Tower’s foundations. Never revisit, object, verify, or analyze. Thou shalt be punished for that, so saith the anointed ones, that dwelleth at the pinnacle. Beware the very hot air they breathe. Dare face it only with great resolve. They will melt you with it if they can, and in academia, most often they can indeed.

In result the stench of cultural death befouls our air, and befogs the mass-media, who report the pronouncements from the pinnacle every day. This is especially prevalent regarding health issues. Take for example expanding bans on trans-fats. There is no genuine or objective proof of harm from trans-fat in a balanced diet, but that trans-fats are greatly perilous is now popularly assumed, and rarely questioned.

It’s the same of course with smoking. Questioning the truly wacky things we are told about tobacco is a cardinal sin, an intolerable political, moral, and social heresy. The tremulously violent aversion to all criticism so characteristic of the antismoking movement is enough in itself to indict it as a fanatical crusade. Antismoking does not advise, it "educates," it tells you what you must believe. It is a favored crusade of the pinnacle-dwellers, after all, so shut up, and get "educated."

So it goes, at universities, regarding many things. From health issues, to race, to Iraq, from carbon molecules and bovine exudations (!) to the omniscient "consensus" on the exact whys, wherefores, and "what we must dos" regarding global temperatures, on and on about a thousand items of political correctness, gradually but inexorably, universities have been purged of dissent, and have changed their function from factories of thought into programming centres. Universities have become debased technical schools purveying "zero risk" ideology, crass superstition, and social rot.

How ironic that the LSD-loaded, marijuana-smoking "dissenters" who wrought havoc at universities in the sixties, in the name of new ideas and freedom of thought, have become the Intellectual Inquisition in their "maturity." Their "values" were and are, as is plain now if it wasn’t then, nothing but recycled ideas on ideological control, hygienics and conformity, quite in the mould of the eugenicists who invited fascism a few short decades before the hippies came. The so-called "greatest generation" defeated fascism so that their sons and daughters might re-institute it. What a horrible shame.

Now the dissenters of the past are the professors and now there can be no dissent. Clearly, the "freedom" movement of the sixties was the birth of an ideology of conformity as hateful of genuine freedom as any which has preceded it. Conform if you want to "belong" to the rotten system of "health über alles" and delineated intellectual "correctness" otherwise you are "out, man, out!"

In 1969 you were "out" if you supported anti-Communism, or the Vietnam War, or if you did not smoke pot. Now you are "out" if you disfavor socialised medicine, or fear Islamic terrorism, or if you fail to fear or – Harvard forbid! – actually smoke the redefined "evil weed," tobacco. Times and issues may have changed but the spoiled brat baby-boomers of the psychedelic era are the spoiled-brat baby-boomers of the smoker pogrom era. Now they are in charge, now you, you go to Hell, or to jail, for lighting up, or for speaking honestly and freely, about anything.

Fortunately, some of today’s youth recognize that their arrogant parents have created a tyrannical Hell on Earth. The question is: will enough among the young be willing and able to destroy the grotesque Tower of Tyranny that has been built? Will these young freedom-lovers really be prepared to do what it takes? Will they dare in-your-face political "incorrectness"? Can they really speak up, act, shock the system, "do their own thing"? Could the cigarette – the post-war symbol of the triumph of democracy and also the Great Anathema of the new fascism – come to be brandished in protest on campuses, flaunted against the new eugenicists, with renewed cries for true personal and social liberty?

It is still hard to say. We can hope for the better but the task is great. The three video links are below.

Indoctrinate You

Control Free Speech on Video

Brainwashing 101



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