As the state crumbles before their very eyes, California’s governor and the legislators pass another redundant law.
The state’s budget was nearly three months late, the unemployment rate is much higher than that in the country as a whole and the state is billions of dollars in debt. These dire conditions, however, cannot deter the passion of the California legislature to craft and pass new laws, few of which address the systemic problems of this teetering state.

With 870 bills to go, California’s so-called libertarian governor signed one that outlaws texting while driving. Public safety and health, as always, is the route the meddlers take to enforce their supremacy over the common folk. Manipulating a hand held device while cruising the freeways can be described as problematic but enacting an unenforceable law to prohibit it makes sense only as a vehicle to enshrine legislative prerogatives of control. Two quotes are all that are needed to make clear competing philosophies of government.

"Banning electronic text messaging while driving will keep drivers’ hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, making our roadways a safer place for all Californians."

"There’s already blanket law that says reckless driving is illegal and if you cause an accident while recklessly driving, it’s a misdemeanor…When you start going down that path, where do you end?"

The first is from Governor Schwarzenegger the second from a level-headed member of the California Assembly. Which of the two is the product of a rational mind, grounded in reality? Reckless driving, in all its manifestations, is already illegal. All the pile ons such as banning cell phones usage and smoking while driving are redundant, therefore unneeded.

While unnecessary the redundant laws serve the all-important purpose of bostering the un-American principle of codifying every aspect of private life in the law. Americans, through their passive acquiescence, allow the governing class to hogtie the people with rules and regulations that mock the phrase "land of the free."



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