In a decisive slap-down of anti-tobacco’s contention that banning smoking is good for business, casinos’ taxes will be adjusted to make up for the losses due to smoking ban.
In a stunning admission that allowing patrons to smoke is crucially important to the establishments’ bottom line, the Colorado Limited Gaming Commission approved a new tax formula written specifically to provide relief to the medium-sized casinos that have seen their revenues plunge by double digits. Business has declined every month since the smoking ban went into effect in January.

Obviously the business downturn in itself isn’t news. Every smoking ban brings economic hardship to every location stupid enough to listen to the lies of the anti-tobacco operatives who promise increased business if only the owners are compelled to ban smoking. Any idiot knows that telling a large percentage of customers to hit the road will not be good for business. The anti-tobacco bastards who advise such a ruinous business plan are not idiots. They know that banning smoking drives customers away. They just don’t care or, even worse, applaud when sinful businesses like bars and casinos go broke. Destroying these "unhealthful" businesses is, to the prohibitionists, icing on the cake.

Kudos for the Colorado Gaming Commission for acknowledging the reality of smoking bans in a highly public way. Condemnation for the Colorado legislature that appears hell-bent on keeping a ruinous law in place even though it harms business and harms the taxpayers of Colorado who will, as always, make up the difference with their taxes and fees. Be sure to read the comments (stored article) that accompany this news story, especially those by "4dabirds", sixth from the top.



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