Reading the recent posting on the fines for smoking in the parks of San Francisco – a city, according to the writer of the piece, of “public urination and defecation”, I could not help but laugh at the stupidity of Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier.


But, from the Beautiful Country point of view, I can console my American friends by showing them that the mental retardation of the antitobacco crusaders is no longer unique or particularly prominent in the United States. The retardation belongs in fact to the entire, planetary WHO-promoted antismoking philosophy, ideology and mentality in general. It seems that the equation: “if you are an antismoking crusader you are mentally challenged” gets clearer every day.

Americans, rejoice with this Italian story!

Everybody knows Naples, of course, as it used to be a tourist Mecca. That was the past, when beautiful things were way more common. In today’s Naples, you strap your wallet right onto your genitalia or you find it no more. You better wear a bullet-proof jacket, for almost daily there are shootings because of wars going on between the different factions of the local Camorra. You don’t walk in areas forbidden even to the police or you exit them feet first. But, especially, you watch where you put your feet.

That is because of the garbage problem. Neapolitans have had years of labour disputes over city sanitation, and while they play political Mexican standoffs, the garbage collections are few and far between. Furthermore, Neapolitans don’t want a garbage processing plant because it is bad for the environment! All those Star Trek particle measuring devices (the same used for stating that passive smoking has all those carcinogens, you know? Two molecules here, three molecules there) in the hands of "health & environment experts" say that air particulates kill you – and trash-processing plants produce just that. While ideologues argue about the need for garbage processing plants the uncollected trash is eliminated by burning it in the streets. The trash burned on the spot apparently does not pollute the air at all. Strolling amongst piles of burning trash is a small price to pay for protecting the environment. If such logic has not convinced you yet, please keep on reading about how "public health" is protecting the Neapolitans.

Last week the city’s health supervisor has forbidden smoking in Naples’ parks within two metres of children and pregnant women. Of course bozo minister of Environment and “bozesse” Minister of “health” have promptly welcomed the initiative in the name of good health. The fact that an uproar of public opinion has ridiculed the law changes nothing, of course, because “health first of all” — logic, truth and common sense must be denigrated as a scheme by the tobacco industry. It is highly probable that Neapolitans will not observe such a stupid law, but the point is made: antismoking “public health” suffers severe mental retardation everywhere it occurs.



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