Hats off the the Harrison County (West Virginia) Board of Health and County Commissioners!
Now, if you really want to protect your public then do a real, measured clean indoor air law that would require the actual measurement of the indoor air quality for all known carcinogenic and toxic indoor air pollutants. A smoking ban does nothing to protect anyone from any of the thousands of already known indoor air pollutants on the Federal Standards list of known toxic and carcinogenic indoor air pollutants.

This is already done in other industries, it is not cost prohibitive, it does not require a rocket scientist, and the funding is already available from existing tobacco taxes as well as other environmental taxes. It is a win – win for politicians and citizens. So why do those pushing and lobbying for smoking bans object? Maybe because they will be out of a job… or they really don’t give a hoot about your indoor air quality, they just want to ban smoking…. You decide.



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