This short piece from Søren Højbjerg describes well the feelings of a smoker when he steps into a “smoke-free” place.

It is a feeling that even a liberty-lover non smoker who supports the right to smoke cannot imagine — just like even militant anti-segregation whites could not really imagine what a black felt when, during the times of racial apartheid, he was approaching “white only” establishments. But this is even more twisted, for blacks were simply banned altogether from the establishments — they were not forced to behave like the Master Race when in them. In some way what a smoker feels may be even worse.

Søren also tells us some of the things to do (better yet, not to do) in the unfortunate case we find ourselves in a liberty-free place.

Finally, Højbjerg touches on the gloating of the antismoking trash when they read what he has to say. Keep on gloating, for one day it will be our turn to gloat when we will smoke again – right in your face. You will do your best to “prevent” that, of course — with laws, junk science and propaganda lies.

But, rest assured, we are doing our best to make it happen. And resentment is something that should never be underestimated.

Link to "Impressions from a smoking banned restaurant"



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