Unquestionably, 2009 is already starting with a volley of frauds and lies by the Tobacco Control establishment. We can safely expect that, this year, the bombardment of false information and trash science on smoking and other lifestyles will increase dramatically.

The need for effective exposure of and resistance to these fanatical frauds is greater than ever. Fortunately, opposition to the new fascism is coalescing, and awareness of the dishonesty of the public health crooks inside and outside of governments is increasing exponentially.

Take, for example, the case of manipulated anti-smoker "consensus" (regurgitated once again as reported at link bottom this page) which FORCES around the world and Freedom to Choose in England have pointed out for years. Typically, in "establishing" such "consensus," dishonest ministries of health pay off antismoking groups which, in turn, produce the “right” results in favour of smoking bans for corrupted public opinion polls. As we always said, it is impossible that, in nations as diverse as the US and Germany, England and Italy, France and Scandinavian countries (which historically seldom agreed on almost anything) “miraculously” agree (universally!) that forbidding smoking in public places is a good thing.

Fishier still, they all agree with a percentage that ranges between 73% and 84% of the polled opinion! There has never been an exception to those figures in any country. The explanation of this transparent impossibility is simple: the "consensus" is staged. Now the Tobacco Control apologists may claim that this British scam only applies to the UK — that is, it’s the exception and not the rule. Do not believe that for an instant: it is a methodologic statistical scam applied universally, endorsed by the WHO scumbags, and pushed by irresponsible mass-media in every language, country, and culture of the world.

That, folks, is Tobacco Control: a euphemism for fraud as a way of governing — a fraud that has expanded to general lifestyle control and enviromentalism. TC paved the way to this perversion, now applied to every aspect of political life. It’s easy to see. All you have to do is read the daily news.

Never forget: the crooks of the public health institutions and their ideological friends (as well as scientists and universities that mass-produce epidemiologic junk for tall piles of money) still have to prove scientifically one death directly caused by the use of tobacco. Yet the World Health Organization, the Office of the Surgeon General, and all other health institutions tell us that one billion people will be "killed" in the 21th century by smoking (stored copy) — again, without being able to prove the causality of one death out of that billion! The crooks also say that passive smoking "kills" "more children than all childhood cancers combined" (stored copy) even when assumed in “third hand,” (stored copy) yet they cannot prove that one child or adult ever has been even remotely harmed by it.

Statements based on sham "authority" and without real science behind them are plain ideology — and ideology has nothing to do with science or with reality. Public health in governments has, unquestionably, become organized fraud. This is crime at the expense of all citizens and taxpayers, with devastating effects on the economy. Thus "public health" officers have to be forcibly kicked out of power, and then punished. Culpable doctors have to be expelled from orders of physicians, culpable lawyers must be disbarred, antismoking activists must be prosecuted for public fraud, and fraud-facilitating politicians should perhaps most properly be delivered to righteously angered crowds.

The smoking bans themselves must become a synonym for fanaticism and fraud. The "anti" mentality must be de-normalized and ridiculed. Freedom and individual choice, when in conflict with junk science-based public policy or scientifically indemonstrable public health claims, must be restored to a position of priority. Tolerance — not zero tolerance — must be the standard of our century. Sanity and integrity must govern again.

Very much as it happened at the beginning of the 20th century, we are looking at a phenomenon of intolerance and social unrest which, in the US, peaked with Prohibition, and in Europe, created fascism. Now as then, the renascent crusades for "purity" and prohibitions must be defeated. They must join their precedents in historical infamy. This time, however, just turning the page of the history book will not be enough. The old alcohol Prohibition was at least openly based on moralism, while TC’s prohibition is based on fraud, with fraud becoming a basis of the criminal code in every country of the world. When sound justice is restored TC operatives will serve time in smoky prison cells to pay for what they have done to the liberty (and wallets and minds) of millions.

Let us make destroying TC’s corruption the foremost resolution for 2009. It’s a fight we have to win and can win. Healthist corruption must and can be reduced to nothing but a bad memory.



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