The war against antitobacco continues in Germany. Two thousand people at an indoor rally against smoking bans in Munich; the head of prevention of the semi-public agency for job related diseases, who publicly accuses the Antis of "science hara-kiri".

There is to be no total ban for the hospitality industry, other than in Bavaria, where they will have much fun at the next Oktoberfest trying to enforce a ludicrous and widely despised ban.

Everywhere in the world, 2008 must be the year of justice – justice against discrimination, hatred and scientific fraud. We hope to make this the year of unification of all the forces against prohibition, fascism, and behaviour control.

Forbidding smoking is not just “getting rid of an annoyance”; it represents a fundamental corruption of institutions and a moral subversion of values that extends to many other aspects of everyday life, and that makes an exception of what is normal. For example, in the article we are connected to, we read, “The state’s ban, like most others in Germany, allowed for special rooms to be set aside for smokers”, indicating that smokers can be allowed to have special rooms, both concepts excluding smoking from normality.

Wrong. Smoking IS normal, and antismoking is the fraud-based social aberration we have to get rid of to restore freedom to society and integrity to institutions.



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