Correspondent Jim Blogg gives us his first, entertaining report from the state of Illinois about the squalid parade of “experts” testifying in favour of the state-wide smoking ban.

His report is the confirmation that the antismoking grifters, loaded with “credentials”, expect to be believed in spite of the blatant absurdities and frauds they pronounce, just because they are self-proclaimed expert. They know that they will be believed because the decisions to ban smoking are already made before the farce we call democracy takes place. The revolting parade of kids, prepped for the occasion, could not be omitted, as they constitute a routine emotional element against freedom of choice.

The entire report is quite fascinating, but the most “interesting” part comes towards the end, when Mr. Blogg actually faces (in an elevator and in the presence of third parties) one of the politicians who pretended to show “fairness” but used the junk science and blatantly made up “information” on passive smoking. Cornered and all cliché arguments lost, the incompetent politician says: “Are you gonna argue with the Surgeon General?” There is no doubt about what god the poor chap believes in – when that suits the agenda, of course.

It was a glorious day for our side and clearly we could show that the “science” is a total fraud but the ban came anyway. Fanaticism and the interest of Big Pharmaceuticals come before truth, as we all know – and liberty is always the last priority in modern America. In fact, it is a totally deflated good just like the dollar. As Mr. Blogg says in his closing comments, however, we never have to give up because the fanatic and the corrupt invariably end up destroyed not just by truth and commonsense, but more completely by themselves.



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