On July 12th, 2008 a huge march took place in Washington DC, in front of the Capitol Building. I attended this most significant Revolution March and the footage I obtained is indeed inspiring. My film starts at the very beginning of the march where the marchers are starting to gather. My estimate is approximately 20,000 people in attendance. All the speakers were wonderful and most of all Dr. Ron Paul, who said he doesn’t want to tell us what to eat, drink or smoke or how to run our lives.

Later, as we watched the news and read The Washington Post, not one word of these 20,000 people was mentioned. No surprise there since any event, program or effort designed to promote individual freedom is given short shrift from our "free" press. Ron Paul, a libertarian who ran as a Republican in the presidential primaries, is a stalwart defender of liberty who attracts the support of freedom loving Americans everywhere.



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