Yet another case of hospitaly industry realizing that there will no freedom for guests and enterprises as long as the passive smoking fraud is unchallenged.

The association of bar, restaurant and hotel owners (DEHOGA) in Kiel (Germany) continues to campaign against the smoking bans planned in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. After organizing a panel discussion about the harm of smoking bans inflict on their businesses and the lies about ETS, they now have published a "Special edition for tolerance".
Debunking toxicological and epidemiological junk science about passive smoking takes a lot of space in their newspaper which has provoked aggressive responses by ban supporters in the state parliament.
The activists from Kiel take pride in the crucial role their town played almost 90 years ago, when sailors rised against the Kaiser at the end of WW I, thereby starting a revolution that swept away the authoritarian German Empire.

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