If you enter the search string “women paid less than men” in any search engine, you will be inundated by thousands of pages loaded with outrage about women still be paid less than men in many countries. They words ‘unfair’, ‘discrimination’ and ‘injustice’ are fired out like bullets from machine guns.

Obviously we agree that for the same job and skills sex should make no difference. However – and once again – all justice, logic, equality and truth must stop where “public health” begins.

“As disturbing as this may sound, how many people know that, beginning on July 1st, a new Federal law made this legal? Employees can compensate fat, older and minority people as much as 20% less and discriminate against employees based on health factors — as long as it’s connected with an employee wellness program. This new law was passed so quietly, the public has been left largely in the dark.”

Sandy Szwarc gives us the details and hopes that lawyers – increasingly more aware of the epidemiological and statistical frauds – can make the difference. You wonder why the discrimination against smokers and fatsos is spreading like wildfire in the US? Because a criminal government allows exploitation while giving incentives to the exploiters to blackmail people into obedience of “public health”.

“In 2009 [Clarian Health] will start reducing pay for employees in its health plan by $10 per paycheck if their BMI is in the obese range [and] $5 per check if they don’t meet required cholesterol, blood pressure or blood glucose measurements. Workers will be required to complete an annual health risk assessment and can appeal to have their fees dropped if they show improvement…”

Read the entire piece and compare it with smoking, which is based on the same epidemiological trash and junk science of obesity.



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